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Standard Turbo Rim

SizeApplicationSegment HeightMax RPMMax RPMPrice  
6"X.080"X7/8"-5/8"General Purpose6.5MM10100VA 425-04203$20.47Order
5"X.080"X7/8"-5/8"General Purpose6.5MM12200VA 425-04202$11.25Order
4 1/2"X.080"X7/8"-5/8"General Purpose6.5MM13200VA 425-02998$8.75Order
4"X.075"X7/8"-5/8"General Purpose6.5MM15300VA 425-02987$9.50Order
10"X.095"xDM, 7/8"-5/8"General Purpose6.5MM6100VA 425-04206$65.91Order
9"X.095"xDM, 7/8"X5/8"General Purpose8MM6600VA 425-04205$64.20Order
8"X.095"xDM, 7/8"X5/8"General Purpose6.5MM7500VA 425-04204$30.89Order
7"X.095"xDM, 7/8"X5/8"General Purpose6.5MM8600VA 425-02999$22.47Order
  • General Purpose
  • Fast & Smooth, Chip Free Cuts on Medium to Hard Materials
  • Dry Cutting


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