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Depressed Center Grinding Wheels Type 27-Concrete

SizeRPMBox QuantityItem NumberItem NumberPrice  
4 1/2"X1/4"X7/8"1330010VA 424-55705$2.65Order
4 1/2"X1/8"X7/8"1330010VA 424-55605$2.50Order
4"X1/8"X5/8"1530010VA 424-58104$4.50Order
9"X1/4"X5/8" 11660010VA 424-54007$6.15Order
7"X1/4"X5/8" 11850010VA 424-53607$5.36Order
7"X1/8"X5/8" 11850010VA 424-55307$3.20Order
4 1/2"X1/4"X5/8" 111330010VA 424-59005$2.65Order
  • Angle Grinder Grinding Wheels
  • Reinforced Type 27
  • For Concrete Grinding


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