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Angle Grinders-Small 4 1/2″-6

Grinding Wheel DiameterLock On SwitchNo Load RPMWeight (lbs)Weight (lbs)Price  
5" PADDLE SWITCHNO2800-115005.1BV AG50-11VSPD$136.70Order
4 1/2" PADDLE SWITCHYES115005.1BV AG40-11P$127.50Order
4 1/2" PADDLE SWITCHNO115005.1BV AG40-11PD$127.50Order
4 1/2"YES110004.2BV 1380SLIM$56.30Order
5" RAT TAILYES110005.1BV 1821$129.55Order
4 1/2"YES115004.6BV AG40-85$94.75Order
4 1/2" PADDLE SWITCHYES115004.6BV AG40-85P$94.75Order
5"YES115005.1BV AG50-10$99.85Order
4 1/2"YES110003.75BV 1375A$50.60Order
4 1/2" PADDLE SWITCHNO115004.6BV AG40-85PD$94.75Order
6" PADDLE SWITCHNO93005.3BV AG60-125PD$154.64Order
5" VARIABLE SPEEDYES2800-115005.1BV AG50-11VS$136.70Order
5" PADDLE SWITCHNO115005.3BV AG50-125PD$145.95Order
6"YES93005.3BV AG60-125$154.65Order
  • Vibration Control Handle ? Reduces vibration up to 60%, providing comfort for extended periods of work
  • AC/DC capability ? Extends the versatility of the tool by working from DC outlets such as welders and generators
  • Sealed switch ? Keeps debris out of the switch mechanism and extends switch life
  • ServiceMinder? brushes ? Eliminates guesswork, stops the tool when preventative maintenance is required
  • Epoxy Coated Field Windings ? Provides ultimate protection against abrasive dust and metal debris
  • 5/8″ -11 Spindle ? wide flexibility for mounting most popular accessories
  • Tool-free adjustable guard ? Quick guard installation and adjustments
  • Spindle Lock ? For quick wheel changes
  • Directed Air Flow ? Unique design diverts dust away from switch and vital components
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