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Bosch Automatic Optical level-26X


  • Self Leveling Compensator with Transport Lock which protects pendulum in carrying case against damage and loss of calibration
  • Both Horizontal & Vertical Crosshairs & Stadia Lines – Measures level, alignment & estimates distance
  • Solid Metal Base with Three Precision Leveling Screws – Provides stability in all weather for precision leveling
  • Horizontal Circle Graduation for determining angles in 1-degree increments with fine-motion knob
  • Large Aperture – Allows more light for a sharper image
  • 26x-Power Lens for excellent magnification
  • Circular Bubble Vial with 90-Degree Mirror for easy and fast set-up
    Specifications: GOL26 Automatic Optical Level
    Accuracy Up to ±1/16-in

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    Weight 12 lbs


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