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Agressor Augers-Hex 2

Number 0f TeethDescriptionItem NumberPrice  
49"x49" Hex Hub 2"PG 135547$348.55Order
26"x49" Hex Hub 2"PG 135546$305.00Order
1236"x51" Hex Hub 2"PG 135553$1,215.70Order
1030"x51" Hex Hub 2"PG 135552$987.00Order
824"x51" Hex Hub 2"PG 135551$711.50Order
618"x51" Hex Hub 2"PG 135550$637.25Order
515"x51" Hex Hub 2"PG 135549$535.76Order
412"x51" Hex Hub 2"PG 135548$423.15Order
  • For Use with Skid Steers, Backhoes & Mini-Excavators
  • Pengo Aggressor Augers Features:

    40/50 Dual Angle Teeth and Triple Locking System that allows teeth to stay secure at either 40 degree or 50 degree angle.
    Tri-flow Pilot Bit providing three drill points for 50% longer wear.
    Three point lock lug and bolt. Double flight 5/16″ thick in lengths of 46″ and 48″.


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