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Earth Auger Teeth-Pengo Style CS

Part Description NumberDescriptionApplicationItem NumberItem NumberPrice  
37Dirt ToothOrdinary DiggingPG 140027$7.00Order
35-CInsert Carbide TeethCompacted Rock, Abrasive Soil, No ImpactPG 140007$19.50Order
35Dirt ToothOrdinary DiggingPG 133835$5.73Order
1336LCarbide Insert ToothAbrasive Frozen SoilPG 140016$18.77Order
5T30-HFChisel Point HardfacedRock, High ImpactPG 140014$9.57Order
5T30-CChisel point With CarbideCompacted Rock, Abrasive Soil, No ImpactPG 140012$12.75Order
5T30Chisel PointLoose Rock, Compacted SoilPG 140029$5.73Order
35-HFFHardfaced 2 SidesAbrasive Soil/ImpactPG 140009$12.30Order
35-HFHardfaced 1 SideAbrasive Soil/ImpactPG 140008$9.40Order
SB-35HFHard faced screw bitAbrasive soil impactPG 133405$79.30Order
SB-35CCarbide Tipped Screw BitFracturable Rock, Abrasive Soil, No ImpactPG 133403$64.00Order
SB-353 1/2" Diameter Screw BitDirt - Used for 3" & 6" to 48" Diameter AugersPG 133402$30.55Order
SB-25HFTCHardfaced with Tungsten CarbideCompacted Rock Abrasion, No ImpactPG 132590$152.88Order
SB-25HFHardfaced Screw BitAbrasive Soil/ImpactPG 132266$36.30Order
SB-25CXCCarbide Pilot BitCompacted Rock Abrasion, No ImpactPG 132758$124.67Order
SB-25CCarbide Tipped Screw BitFracturable Rock, Abrasive Soil, No ImpactPG 132135$44.20Order
SB-35HFTCHard faced with tungsten carbideCompacted rock abrasionPG 133406$184.55Order
  • Replacement Teeth and Pilot Bits for Pengo Style Augers
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