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Suction Hose-Green

DescriptionSizeConnector StyleItem NumberItem NumberPrice  
Green Suction Hose3"x20'Screw EndsAP 98128055$131.70Order
Green Suction Hose2"x20'Screw EndsAP 98128040$68.50Order
Green Suction Hose4"x20'Part C x KC NippleAP 98128515$169.00Order
Green Suction Hose3"x20'Part C x KC NippleAP 98128510$113.00Order
Green Suction Hose2"x20'Part C x KC NippleAP 98128505$59.95Order
Green Suction Hose4"x20'CxE Quick DisconnectAP 98128130$165.00Order
Green Suction Hose3"x20'CxE Quick DisconnectAP 98128056$132.75Order
Green Suction Hose2"x20'CxE Quick DisconnectAP 98128043$68.00Order
Green Suction Hose4"x20'Screw EndsAP 98128059$205.45Order
  • Application:
    A PVC suction/discharge hose for water, light chemicals, and pumping service in the agricultural, rental, construction, marine, and irrigation industries.
  • Specifications:
  • Construction: A smooth bore hose made of flexible abrasion resistant extruded PVC with a rigid PVC helix.
    Working Pressure: 60#
    Temperature Range:-10 F to 130 F


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