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Spline Demolition Steel

DescriptionSizeTypeItem NumberItem NumberPrice  
Spline Round Hex Shank1"x18"Flat ChiselBV HS1812$14.67Order
Spline Round Hex Shank1"x12"Flat ChiselBV HS1811$11.00Order
Spline Round Hex Shank3"x12"Scaling ChiselBV HS1810$23.57Order
Spline Round Hex ShankOne PieceBushing ToolBV HS1809$51.25Order
Spline Round Hex Shank2"x12"Scaling ChiselBV HS1817$20.90Order
Spline Round Hex Shank1 1/2"x12"Scaling ChiselBV HS1816$17.89Order
Spline Round Hex Shank2"x12"Scraping ChiselBV HS1815$25.56Order
Spline Round Hex Shank18"Moil PointBV HS1814$14.67Order
Spline Round Hex Shank12"Moil PointBV HS1813$11.00Order
  • Bosch Brand Spline Demolition Steel for Spline Hammers


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