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Primatech L Nails

Item NumberDescriptionPackage QtyPrice  
VA 429-L1751801 3/4" 18 Gauge L5 Packs/1200 Each$91.40Order
VA 429-L1501801 1/2" 18 gauge L5 Packs/1200 Each$88.35Order
VA 429-L1251801 1/4" 18 Gauge L5 Packs/2000 Each$146.45Order
VA 429-L2001602" 16 Gauge L5 Packs/1000 Each$82.25Order
VA 429-L1501601 1/2" 16 Gauge L5 packs/1000 Each$82.25Order
  • Genuine Primatech Brand L Nails


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