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Premium Double Row Cup

SizeApplicationSegment HeightMax RPMMax RPMPrice  
4 1/2"X5/8"-11GP Concrete Finishing6MM13200VA 425-04062$101.40Order
4 1/2"X7/8"GP Concrete Finishing6MM13200VA 425-04061$112.80Order
4"X5/8"-11GP Concrete Finishing6MM15300VA 425-04081$77.75Order
4"X7/8"GP Concrete Finishing6MM15300VA 425-04080$84.90Order
7"x5/8"-11GP Concrete Finishing6MM8600VA 425-04083$167.65Order
7"X7/8"GP Concrete Finishing6MM8600VA 425-04082$167.65Order
5"x5/8"-11GP Concrete Finishing6MM12200VA 425-04064$116.73Order
5"X7/8"GP Concrete Finishing6MM12200VA 425-04063$124.20Order
  • Professional Finish and Long Life
  • Designed for Wet or Dry Applications


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