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Premium Continuous Rim

SizeApplicationSegment HeightMax RPMMax RPMPrice  
4"X.065"X5/8"Granite/Marble9MM15300VA 425-04200$27.30Order
7"X.065"X5/8"Granite/Marble9MM8600VA 425-03104$41.90Order
4 1/2"X.065"X5/8"Granite/Marble5MM13200VA 425-04201$29.30Order
10"X.065"X5/8"Granite/Marble9MM6100VA 425-02992$58.67Order
8"X.065"X5/8"Granite/Marble9MM7500VA 425-03105$45.33Order
  • Sintered for Wet Cutting Granite & Marble
  • Professional Grade for Demanding Customers
  • Designed to Get the Job Done Fast


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