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Multi-Gold Diamond Blade – Asphalt & Concrete

SizeApplicationSegment HeightMax RPMMax RPMPrice  
14"X.125"X1"/20MMHigh Performance Concrete & Asphalt10MM5500VA 425-06321$213.61Order
  • Use on Asphalt & Concrete
  • Simplify Your Rental
  • Alternating 10mm Segments for Smoother, Faster Cuts with Less Vibration
  • Harder Bonds in Segments for Longer Life in Asphalt
  • Drop-down Segments for Cut Clearing & Durability
  • Patterned Vents for Cooler, Quieter Operation
  • Tear-drop Gullets for Quicker, Cleaner Cuts
  • Thick .125″ Tuned Core for Solid, Heavy-duty Operation
  • Includes Pinhole


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