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General Wire Gen-Eye Hot Spot Locator


  • Gen-Eye Hot Spot Locator Features:
  • Easy to read display: Icons lead you to your target. Auto backlight lets you locate in dimly lit areas.
    Total field antenna array: Allows you to locate from any direction.
    Line direction compass: Tells you the lay of the pipe.
    Industry’s most rugged locator: Its IP65 rating is the industry’s highest for performing in dusty, dirty or wet jobsite conditions. Passed 1-meter drop test; screen passed 18” steel ball drop test.
    Superior Battery Life: Lasts approximately 30 hours— more than twice as long as others. Automatic shutdown feature saves power.
    Expanded Frequencies: Locates two sonde frequencies, two power frequencies and four line frequencies (with external transmitter).
    Upgradeable Software: Use the USB port to upgrade software in the field or for a screen capture. Simple, menu-based user interface – No need for multiple screens. Easy-to-access menus make it easier to use than other locators.
    Simple, menu-based user interface: No need for multiple screens. Easy-to-access menus make it easier to use than other locators.
  • Gen-Eye Hot Spot Locator Specifications:

    Camera/Sonde Frequencies: 512 Hz and 33KHz
    Line/Utility Frequencies: 1KHz, 8KHz, 33KHz, 65KHz
    Active Power Line Frequencies: 60/50Hz and 180/150Hz
    Depth Range: 10 ft. in cast iron pipe/20 ft. in clay or plastic
    Screen: LCD Digital Signal Read-Out, Graphic Display, Directional Arrows, Null Icon, Camera Icon, Utility Icon, Audible Tone, Auto Digital Depth, Battery Status, Auto Backlight
    Antenna Configurations: Total Field, Single Peak, Twin Peak, Null and Left/Right (Line Location Only)
    External Ports: Mini USB
    Weight: 4.8 lbs./2.18 Kg
    Batteries: 2 D-cell alkaline (Approximately 30 hours of life)
    Operating Temperature Range: -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)


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