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Garnet Paper Sheets

SizeGrit & Paper WeightBox QuantityIem NumberIem NumberPrice  
9"X11"180 - A Backing100VA 418-11180$0.31Order
9"X11"240 - A Backing100VA 418-11240$0.31Order
9"X11"80 - A Backing50VA 418-11080$0.31Order
9"X11"100 - A Backing100VA 418-11100$0.31Order
9"X11"120 - A Backing100VA 418-11120$0.31Order
9"X11"150 - A Backing100VA 418-11150$0.31Order
9"X11"50 - D Backing50VA 118-13050$0.70Order
9"X11"60 - D Backing50VA 118-13060$0.64Order
9"X11"80 - D Backing50VA 118-13080$0.58Order
9"X11"40 - D Backing50VA 118-13040$0.70Order
  • 9″x11″ Sheets
  • Available in A, C or D Paper Backing Weights


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