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Ebac Dehumidifier-Triton


The Ebac Triton Dehumidifier is a rugged, yet mobile piece of equipment that will operate under extreme conditions and pull large amounts of moisture from the air.


Simplicity of operation. Standard 115 v. plugs in anywhere.
Rugged wheels and integral handle for mobility.
Automatic pump-out (20′ vertical lift, 100′ + horizontal)
Pump Purge Switch
Extra long power cord.
Heavy duty steel chassis. Powder coated for durability.
Ebac’s “HOT GAS” defrosting feature which automatically eliminates frost build-up providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures.
1 year warranty.

Compressor: High Efficiency Rotary
BTU/HR: 5,600
Refrigerant: R407c
CFM: 282
Volts: 115
Running Amps: 2.5
Capacity: 51

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Weight 75 lbs


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