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Coro Chek (Pump Conditioner)


DescriptionItem NumberPrice  
Pump Conditioner - 1 Gallon BottleAS 865715$20.15Order
Pump Conditoner - 1 Oz. BottlesAS 865713$65.85Order
  • Extends the life of your paint sprayer
  • For use on piston pumps between uses
  • Prevents packing wear from dried paint on piston
  • Sell to Customers to Put In Unit After Clean Up Before Returning
  • Helps Stop Corrosion and Rust
  • Keeps Ball Checks Lubricated
  • Will not Contaminate Paint
  • 1 Oz Bottle – 48 Per Display
  • Or 1 Gallon Bottle

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Weight 10 lbs


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