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Chipping Hammer Steel-Hex Shank Round Collar

LengthStyleItem numberPrice  
9"Narrow ChiselB L03F09$11.35Order
18"Moil PointB L02F18$17.30Order
12"Moil PointB L02F12$13.35Order
9"Moil PointB L02F09$11.35Order
18"1 1/2" Scaling ChiselB L09F18$19.85Order
12"1 1/2" Scaling ChiselB L09F12$15.75Order
9"1 1/2" Scaling ChiselB L09F09$13.35Order
18"Narrow ChiselB L03F18$17.30Order
12"Narrow ChiselB L03F12$13.35Order
18"2 1/2" Scaling ChiselB L12F18$37.60Order
12"2 1/2" Scaling ChiselB L12F12$33.30Order
9"2 1/2" Scaling ChiselB L12F09$31.30Order
18"2" Scaling ChiselB L11F18$20.85Order
12"2" Scaling ChiselB L11F12$17.45Order
9"2" Scaling ChiselB L11F09$15.10Order
9"3" Scaling ChiselB L14F09$36.60Order
  • Brunner & Lay Brand
  • Point, Narrow Chisel or Scaling Chisel


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