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BV HC6521 Bosch SDS-Max Thru-Hole Concrete Bits


DescriptionSize(DiameterxUsable LengthxOverall Length)Item Number
thru hole bite, carbide thru hole bits2 1/2"X18"X24"BV HC6521

One-piece thru-hole bits are designed for fast working without the need to change shanks. The all-in-one core with SDS-max® shank transmits power directly to the end of the bit. Additionally, thru-hole bits are economical due to their long life.

Benefits: SDS-max® Thru-hole Rotary Hammer Bits
•Aggressive tip design for fast break-through and large chip removal
•Unique flute design aids in chip removal
•Ideal for horizontal drilling applications
•Length allows for drilling completely through material without stopping

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Weight 6 lbs


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