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Bosch Spline Speed-X Carbide Concrete Bits

DescriptionSize(DiameterxUsable LengthxOverall Length)Item NumberPrice  
Spline Shank9/16"X16"X21"BV HC4516$24.90Order
Spline Shank1/2"X24"X29"BV HC4513$33.45Order
Spline Shank1/2"X16"X21"BV HC4512$30.60Order
Spline Shank1/2"X8"X13"BV HC4511$24.80Order
Spline Shank3/8"X8"X13"BV HC4501$22.10Order
Spline Shank3/4"X16"X21"BV HC4032$49.55Order
Spline Shank3/4"X8"X13"BV HC4031$41.35Order
Spline Shank5/8"X31"X36"BV HC4024$100.40Order
Spline Shank5/8"X24"X29"BV HC4023$56.70Order
Spline Shank5/8"X16"X21"BV HC4022$48.90Order
Spline Shank5/8"X8"X13"BV HC4021$39.15Order
Spline Shank1"X8"X13"BV HC4050$51.50Order
Spline Shank7/8"X31"X36"BV HC4043$134.70Order
Spline Shank7/8"X24"X29"BV HC4042$118.45Order
Spline Shank7/8"X16"X21"BV HC4041$51.55Order
Spline Shank7/8"X8"X13"BV HC4040$47.60Order
Spline Shank3/4"X31"X36"BV HC4034$101.85Order
Spline Shank3/4"X24"X29"BV HC4033$67.15Order
Spline Shank1"X31"X36"BV HC4053$136.90Order
Spline Shank1"X24"X29"BV HC4052$134.70Order
Spline Shank1"X16"X21"BV HC4051$55.40Order
Spline Shank1 1/4"X16"X21"BV HC4071$76.90Order
Spline Shank1 1/4"X8"X13"BV HC4070$70.40Order
Spline Shank1 1/8"X31"X36"BV HC4063$167.60Order
Spline Shank1 1/8"X24"X29"BV HC4062$151.00Order
Spline Shank1 1/8"X16"X21"BV HC4061$73.70Order
Spline Shank1 1/8"X8"X13"BV HC4060$64.20Order
Spline Shank1 1/2"X24"X29"BV HC4092$199.65Order
Spline Shank1 1/2"X16"X21"BV HC4091$116.05Order
Spline Shank1 3/8"X24"X29"BV HC4082$183.40Order
Spline Shank1 3/8"X16"X21"BV HC4081$97.95Order
Spline Shank1 1/4"X31"X36"BV HC4073$152.50Order
Spline Shank1 1/4"X24"X29"BV HC4072$167.20Order
Spline Shank1 1/2"X31"X36"BV HC4093$217.00Order

Benefits: Spline SpeedX? Rotary Hammer Bits
?Increased flute geometry for faster dust removal and less vibration
Bosch spline rotary hammer bits are carbide tipped and fit Bosch as well as other spline hammers.


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