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Bosch SDS-Plus Speed-X Carbide Concrete Bits

DescriptionSize (DiameterxUsable LengthxOverall Length)Item NumberPrice  
SDS-Plus Shank Bit3/4"X16"X18"BV HC2227$38.25Order
SDS-Plus Shank Bit1"X16"X18"BV HC2267$49.70Order
SDS-Plus Shank Bit1"X8"X10"BV HC2263$41.55Order
SDS-Plus Shank Bit7/8"X16"X18"BV HC2247$38.05Order
SDS-Plus Shank Bit7/8"X8"X10"BV HC2244$38.40Order
SDS-Plus Shank Bit1 1/8"X16"X18"BV HCFC2287$61.42Order
SDS-Plus Shank Bit1 1/8"X8"X10"BV HCFC2283$43.65Order
  • Bosch Speed-X? rotary hammer bits combine the life and durability you expect with an amazingly fast drilling speed. Innovative features combine to make this the perfect bit for both precision anchoring and deep drilling applications.


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