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Bosch Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade

Item NumberBlade DiameterNumber of TeethArborArborPrice  
BV PRO1480ST14"501"1500$113.90Order
BV PRO1280ST12"801"2000$107.75Order
BV PRO948ST9"481"2700$74.88Order
BV PRO1048ST10"501"1900$82.40Order
  • Extra-hard C6 carbide teeth with 0-degree hook produces fast, clean cuts with minimal burrs
  • Cooler running, longer life and less dust and debris than bonded abrasive wheels
  • Thick plate with hard body for accurate and true running
  • One-inch arbor
  • Designed for steel plate, angle iron, bar stock or pipe
  • Expansion slots allow blade to expand and contract without warping
  • For metal-cutting applications with low-RPM tools


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