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Blue Poly Tarps

DescriptionSizeItem NumberPrice  
Polyethylene Tarpaulin12x12T TP1212BL$5.90Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin10x20T TP1020BL$8.20Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin10x12T TP1012BL$5.40Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin10x10T TP1010BL$4.10Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin8x10T TP0810BL$3.30Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin50x100T TP50100BL$204.00Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin40x60T TP4060BL$98.00Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin20x20T TP2020BL$18.00Order
Polyethylene Tarpaulin12x20T TP1220BL$10.75Order
  • 6-7 Mil Average Thickness
  • Rust Resistant Grommets Placed Approximately 3 Feet Intervals
  • Thread Stitched/Heat Sealed Hem Around Perimeter of Tarp
  • Ultra Violet Light Treated For Longer Life


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