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Alloy Steel Two Piece Tent Stake Driver

TypeDescriptionSizeItem NumberItem NumberPrice  
Driver HeadN/A1-1/2" IDPF 223C$143.30Order
Driver HeadN/A1-1/4" IDPF 222C$143.30Order
Driver HeadN/A1" IDPF 221C$143.30Order
Driver ShankShank With Collar1-1/4X6"PF 220D$73.37Order
Driver ShankNotched Shank With Collar1-1/8X6"PF 218D$73.37Order
Driver HeadN/A2-1/2" IDPF 226C$147.24Order
Driver HeadN/A2" IDPF 225C$147.24Order
Driver HeadN/A1-3/4" IDPF 224C$143.30Order

Order Two Parts: One Shank And One Head


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