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Airless Zip Tips

DescriptionColor/OrificeItem NumberPrice  
Airless Zip TipBlue - .017AS 55517$21.00Order
Airless Zip Tip - ExteriorYellow - .015AS 55415$21.00Order
Airless Zip TipRed - .011AS 55511$21.00Order
Airless Zip TipGreen - .019AS 55519$21.00Order
Airless Zip TipYellow - .015AS 55515$21.00Order
Airless Zip TipOrange - .013AS 55513$21.00Order
Airless Zip TipBlack - .021AS 55521$21.00Order
  • Zip Tips
    Liquid-honed and double-tested to ensure an accurate spray pattern
    Patented diffusion chamber for superior atomization
    Color-coded tip handles for easy selection
    Reversible to quickly clear tip clogs
    Several Orifice Sizes Available


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