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3 Jaw Pullers

Reversible7" (18 CM)3-1/2" (9 CM)5 Tons (4536 KG)8040R$41.57Order
Adjustable4" (10 CM)3-1/2" (9 CM)2 Tons (1814 KG)8035R$34.42Order
Adjustable17" (43 CM)15" (38 CM)13 Tons (11791 KG)8059$155.97Order
Adjustable14" (36 CM)11" (28 CM)13 Tons (11791 KG)8057$142.97Order
Adjustable11" (28 CM)9" (23 CM)7 Tons (6350 KG)8055R$129.97Order
Reversible10" (25 CM)5-1/2" (14 CM)7 Tons (6350 KG)8050R$99.42Order
Adjustable8" (20 CM)5-1/2" (14 CM)5 Tons (4536 KG)8045R$57.82Order

A full range of gear pullers cover most automotive applications, including pulling magnets, bearings, gears, flywheels, etc. Forged from alloy, heat-treated steel, all pullers feature “quick-change” couplers and fine-threaded center screws for extra pulling power. Jaws are adjustable and/or reversible to broaden applications.


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